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ITB Berlin NOW will take place from March 09 - March 12, 2021. We're looking forward to an diversified convention program and more than 150+ sessions.

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ITB Virtual Convention - COVID-19: Catalyst or Pitfall for Sustainability in Tourism? - December 10, 2020

After the Corona pandemic, sustainability and climate protection will once again shift into the global focus. Will politicians use this reset to push sustainability or will the focus initially be on economic recovery? Will we travel more sustainably in the future anyway as we make more domestic trips, avoid air travel and cruises and city trips are replaced by nature tourism? What are the future plans of tour operators and destinations, what are cruise operators and hotels preparing for in terms of sustainability?


  • Lucienne Damm
    Senior Environmental Manager, TUI Cruises
  • Randy Durband
    CEO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
  • Peter-Mario Kubsch
    CEO, Studiosus
  • Julia Massey
    Vice President Global Sustainability, Kempinski Hotels

Moderated by

  • Rika Jean-Francois
    CSR Commissioner, ITB Berlin

ITB Virtual Convention - Spotlight on Rebuilding Trust in International Tourism & Travel - November 19, 2020

Uncertainty and fear has been sending travel demand into a downward spiral. Travelers in all parts of the world are unsettled by COVID-19. How can we still travel and where can we travel to? How safe are hygiene concepts? What about testing and quarantine policies? Worst case scenario, how do travelers get their money back? In the end, many unanswered questions lead to travel refusal! The key question is: Since trust is the new currency of our ‘new normal’, how can travel providers such as airlines, hotels and cruise companies reduce fear and create confidence in safe travel? Which measures are to be implemented now and how can our industry close ranks with politics?

Representatives of the aviation, hospitality and cruise industry will discuss together with a renowned expert on trust management which measures work well and how they can be implemented.


Marc Aeberhard
Owner, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management Ltd.
Thomas P. Illes
Owner/CEO, thilles consulting GmbH
Klaus-Dieter Koch
Managing Partner & Founder, BrandTrust
Christophe Mostert
Managing Partner, M2P Consulting


Lea Jordan
Co-Founder & Head of Marketing,

We Love Travel! - October 16 - 2020
"The Travel Business of the Future”, together with Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR)

We Love Travel: Welcoming Speech and Official Opening by ITB Berlin and VIR e.V.

After months of limited, almost exclusively virtual contact opportunities, it is finally time to get together again to discuss urgent industry issues. It is precisely because the travel industry is in crisis that this event is particularly valuable and an important first step towards a new normality. Together we will discuss how the coming period can be shaped and how the industry can grow based on the experiences of the past months. It is about nothing less than the future of travel.

Michael Buller
Executive (Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V.)
David Ruetz
Head of ITB Berlin, Exhibition Director (Messe Berlin GmbH

Crunching numbers: Market research experts about the current situation

A view into the crystal ball? No – the latest facts and figures speak for themselves! Renowned market research companies have analyzed the current situation of the travel business and present initial findings and forecasts. In doing so, they look at the development of changed decision-making processes, overnight stays and sales figures. Above all, the question is when the industry will reach the economic level of the time before Corona. Who could currently asses this better than leading market researchers?

Roland Gassner
Director Business Development (Travel Data + Analytics)
Peter Kautz
VP Research & Analysis and Member of Executive Committee (Statista)
Ulf Sonntag
Project Manager Reiseanalyse (NIT / FUR)

Moderated by
Bianca Wilkens
Journalist (fvw)

How Will Package Tourism Work in the Future?

Destinations, hotels, airlines, travel agencies and tour operators before the collapse. Popular travel areas down to zero. Holiday-makers unsettled. The force of the Corona crisis has the package tourism firmly in the grasp. How can we survive this situation? With representatives from destinations, Travel Tech and classic tour operators, the question of how package travel should function in the future is being addressed from various perspectives. How can the industry react to changes, how can it prepare for the future and what will be necessary to do so?

Uta Martens
Sales Director Retail Global Accounts (Amadeus Germany)
Eva Samperi
Spanish Tourist Office Berlin (TURESPAÑA)
Michael Schober
Senior Manager Direct Sales (SunExpress)
Detlef Schroer
Sales Manager (schauinslandreisen gmbh)

Moderated by
Bianca Wilkens
Journalist (fvw)

The Role of Travel Sales & Marketing

Will the booking behaviour change? More than ever, sales models that not only meet customer needs, but anticipate them, are in demand.

What do the representatives of the different sales channels have in the pipeline to prepare for the future?

Ömer Karaca
Member of the Board (Schmetterling International GmbH & Co. KG)
Sascha Nitsche
Managing Director & Owner (solamento Reisen GmbH)
Boris Raoul
CEO (Invia Group)

Moderated by
Bianca Wilkens
Journalist (fvw)

Disrupt now! Fresh ideas from the floor: Hands on – for the audience!

At We Love Travel!-Barcamp organized by ITB Berlin and VIR, 20 tourism professionals work on burning issues of the industry at eye level and present insights and results in 15 minutes.

We Love Travel! - October 16 - 2020
“Innovation & Transformation – ecological, social und economic Responsibility in Tourism”

CSR Panel 1: Sustainability & Recovery

A panel on sustainability & recovery will start off with a discussion on opportunities in the crisis, in which ITB-CSR commissioner Rika Jean-Francois will discuss with Petra Thomas, GF of Forum Anders Reisen and Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner of the Catholic University of Eichstätt- Ingolstadt under the premise of a sustainable approach. Inge Hujibrechts, the Radisson Hotel Group, which is being joined from Amsterdam, and Mr. Dirk Inger from the German Travel Agency Association DRV. The community approach will be represented by Mr. Quentin Walesch, partner at Waald strategy & consulting. The panel will focus on the need to think innovatively about tourism and to make the new beginning intelligent by placing greater emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Which obstacles have to be overcome and which concepts should better be left by the wayside?

Inge Huijbrechts
Global Senior Vice President Responsible Business and Safety & Security (Radisson Hotel Group)
Dirk Inger
Managing Director (DRV)
Harald Pechlaner
Professor at the chair of Tourism (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)
Petra Thomas
CEO (forum anders reisen e.V.)
Quentin Walesch
Partner (WAALD strategy & advisory)

Moderated by
Rika Jean-François
Corporate Social Responsibility (ITB Berlin)

CSR Panel 2: Human Rights & Recovery

The second CSR panel is particularly concerned with social responsibility in tourism, recovery and human rights. Especially in times of a pandemic, social criteria come to the forefront (sympathy…), but also take a back seat (survival…). What is the current situation, what problems do we as tourism professionals have to deal with globally? Is there now a chance to anchor more diversity in the tourism industry, to overcome old patterns? Which transformative processes are useful to benefit society as a whole and to anchor resilience in destinations? What relevance do current social developments and topics such as blacklivesmatter, leavenoonebehind have for tourism? Can we as tourism professionals ignore these topics or what can be done?

Thomas Bömkes
Managing Director (Diversity Tourism GmbH)
Reginald Charlot
Managing Director – Tourism Market Development (NYC & Company)
Philip Ibrahim
Hotel Director (The Student Hotel Berlin)
Antje Monshausen
Head of Tourism Watch (Bread for the World)

Moderated by
Rika Jean-François
Corporate Social Responsibility (ITB Berlin)

We Love Travel! - October 16 - 2020
"eTravel World"

The Creative Force of the Crisis: Digital Turnaround in Tourism?

Covid-19 is the big accelerator of digitalization. Or isn’t it? What impact is the crisis having on the degree of digitization and IT resilience? ITB eTravel World looks back on practical experience gained in recent months with representatives from various tourism segments. In an exchange of views, the panel participants explain in exemplary fashion what creative force they attribute to the crisis and what structural challenges they see for the tourism value chain.

Steffen Faradi
Uwe Frers
Barbara Heinbockel
Head of Digital Management (Tourismusagentur Schleswig-Holstein)
Lukas C.C. Hempel
Founder & Managing Director (bookingkit)

Moderated by
Bernd Nawrath
Consultant (BNC)

Building Trust – The Key Element for the “New Normal”?

The factors for a travel decision have changed strongly. The demand for travel must be rebuilt in the “New Normal” in a safe and sustainable way. The discussion round on the subject of trust therefore looks in a practice-oriented way at exemplary measures and initiatives in destination management, the field of activities and other players. Where are technologies used that were not used before? Has the role of feedback platforms changed? How do I regain the trust of my guests?

Arturo Ortiz
Tourism Counsellor (Embassy of Spain)
Cynthia Paynther
Vice President & Revenue Manager (AccorHotels Deutschland GmbH)
Christian Tänzler
Spokesman (Berlin Tourismus&Kongress GmbH)

Moderated by
Torsten Sabel
Co-founder & COO (Customer Alliance)

Travel Tech Round Table – Experienced Pioneers Meet Start-Ups

Start-ups are an important growth engine for our economy. However, the crisis has hit many start-ups in tourism with full force. Others, on the other hand, are back on solid ground. Some profit from change, others less. The question is the same for all of them: how do you manage to come out of the crisis in a stable way? At the Round Table, young heads of the Travel Tech scene will meet with experienced Travel Techies to answer this question.

Sascha Hausmann
Partner (Howzat Partners)
Olga Heuser
Co-Founder & CEO (DialogShift)
Michael Riegel
CEO & Founder (Comtravo GmbH)

Moderated by
Lea Jordan
Co-Founder & Head of Marketing (

ITB Virtual Con: Update on Global Tourism Demand in Times of COVID-19 - September 15, 2020

COVID-19 Is Not The End Of The Tourism Industry, But Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

Nothing is as we know it anymore: COVID-19 makes previous knowledge of tourism demand obsolete. Changing tourist flows, travel decisions and spending, customer preferences, growth segments - only slowly is it becoming more clear what the new global travel world looks like.
Statista, the renowned global market research company and statistics portal, is presenting the latest demand data and provides valuable insights into the future of tourism demand.
How is global tourism demand developing and what effect does the Corona pandemic have? To what extent does Corona change the travel habits and preferences of global consumers? Which segments are particularly affected, which might even experience a Corona boom in the future? And what conclusions can tourism providers draw from these developments?
Statista's data and forecasts are an indispensable basis for decision makers of global travel providers.

Claudia Cramer
Director Market Research, Statista GmbH

Moderated by
Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady
Scientific Director ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences

Presentation slides and additional information

Business Travel Collapse: Will There Be A Successful Recovery?

It looks like business travel will remain benched on the sideline: home office, video conferencing, MICE shutdown, companies under cost pressure, bankruptcies ... the perfect storm.
Has the business travel segment suffered irreparable damage or can we hope for a successful recovery? What are the plans of global companies and what do their travel budgets look like for the future? How can the business travel segment recover and what can travel providers do now? What developments does the VDR Barometer show?
The president of the German Business Travel Association presents first findings from the VDR Business Travel Analysis 2020 and reveals the status quo in top German companies. He also takes a look at the global business travel segment.

Speaker & Interview Guest
Christoph Carnier
President, German Business Travel Association VDR

Moderated by
Charlotte Lamp Davies
Founder, A Bright Approach

Presentation Slides (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Destination Demand And Choice For Global Travelers – Tectonic Destination Shift In Times Of COVID-19

In times of COVID-19, travel restrictions determine the choice of destination - not customer wishes or tourism providers! How do tourists deal with these travel restrictions? Do they return to their usual destinations after the restrictions are relaxed or do they stick to the new travel patterns? Will former top tourism destinations be out in the future and will new potential for "second-tier" destinations emerge? What should destinations do now to reverse the economic downturn?

Speaker & Interview Guest
Dr. David Ermen
Managing Director, Destination Capacity

Moderated by
Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady
Scientific Director ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences

Presentation Slides (PDF, 338.6 kB)

ITB Virtual Convention Hospitality Update – Trends & Cases - August 11, 2020

Videos available now!

Smart Hotel - Future Scenarios and Current Practice in the Crisis

• Insights into technological scenarios and cognitive environments
• How digitalization helps the hotel industry in the crisis
• Examples of smart and resilient hotels
• Recommendations for the integration of smart solutions, evaluation of some technologies and dealing with current hurdles

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vanessa Borkmann
Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO

Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady,
Scientific Director ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences

Ready, Set, Listen: Staying Fit in a Hotelier’s Race to Recovery

In this exclusive interview with TrustYou’s CEO, we will discuss how hoteliers can better monitor the strength of the industry with the Travel Health Index. Additionally, hotels can learn how listening to both guests and staff feedback will be the key to success during and after the pandemic.

Interview Guest:
Ben Jost
CEO, TrustYou

Iris Steinmetz
Senior Director of Operations EMEA, HRS International

How to Create a Comeback – Practical Learnings from the Crisis Period

No matter what kind of hotel it is: The "Road To Recovery" is bumpy all over the world and offers no master plan for dealing with the pandemic. Which path do hotel brands take? How do young, small brands position themselves, and how do the large, established hotel companies find their way? In a hands-on panel discussion moderated by Iris Steinmetz, Senior Director of Operations EMEA at HRS International, this session is about sharing practical advice and experiences with representatives of different hotel brands.

Andreas Westerburg
Head of Development, BWH Hotel Group
Cynthia Paynter
Vice President Pricing and Revenue Management, Accor
Julie White
VP Commercial EMEA, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
Stefan Matthiessen
Chief Brand Officer, Koncept Hotels

Iris Steinmetz
Senior Director of Operations EMEA, HRS International

Virtual Convention - July 2020

Planning For What Will Come, Not For What Was (July 02, 2020)

The corona pandemic is shaking the foundations of the global tourism industry more than any previous crisis. The post Corona tourism world will be a completely new one - with tectonic shifts on the demand and supply sides that have not yet been imaginable. In this kick off session of the new ITB Virtual Con, the big picture of global post corona tourism will be outlined. Starting in July 2020, regular ITB Virtual Con events will analyse and present the most important market trends and the most valuable practical tips for tourism providers.

Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady,
Scientific Director ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences

Interview Guest:
Philip C. Wolf,
PhoCusWright Founder & Serial Board Director

Virtual Convention - May 2020

The Path Forward: The Show Will Go On (May 20, 2020)

A look into the future of international travel shows
powered by B-FOR

Anna Shaw,
President & CEO, B-FOR International

David Ruetz,
Head of ITB Berlin, Messe Berlin
Malcolm Smith,
Senior Vice President of Business Development, IPW
Michael Walsh,
Vice President, B-FOR International
Simon Press,
Senior Exhibition Director WTM London, Reed Exhibitions

Virtual Convention - March 2020

Keynote: Top 8 Trends for Tourism & Travel

Nils Müller, TrendOne

Keynote: Overtourism – How Local Tour Operators can Tackle Destination Challenges

Eric La Bonnardiere, Co-Founder Evaneos

Data Talks: Highly Recommended – Best Practice On Personalization

Bernd Nawrath, Managing Director/Consultant, BNC Bernd Nawrath Consult
Oliver Nökel, Founder / CEO, NumBirds GmbH

*only in German

Global Luxury Customers and Sustainability - Exclusive empirical study by Travelzoo and ITB

Sharry Sun, Global Head of Brand, Travelzoo

Fragen zu Corona & Reiserecht

Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Vogel, Rechtsanwalt BEITEN BURKHARDT
Michael Buller, Vorstand VIR

Moderation: Michael Faber, Tourismuszukunft

*only in German

New Work: Technisch und menschlich

Catharina Fischer und Kristine Honig, Tourismuszukunft

*only in German

More Direct Bookings Through Affiliate Partners

Malte Hannig, Supervising Senior Affiliate Manager xpose360 GmbH

Coronavirus Outbreak: Effects on Global Tourism and Successful Recovery and Resilience Measures

Eran Ketter (PhD)

Tours, Tickets, Attraction: What Drives The Industry in 2020?",

Speaker Prolog:
Charlotte L Davies, Founder: A Bright Approach

Panel/Round Table: "Tours, Tickets, Attractions.
What Drives The Industry in 2020?",
Presentation and Moderation: Lukas C.C. Hempel, CEO bookingkit
Speaker: Marcus Guhlan/Head of eCommerce and System Development, Visit Berlin // Klaudija Janzelj, Commercial Director Urban Adventures // Charlotte Lamp Davies , Founder A Bright Approach// Andrew Aley, Managing Director, Sightseeing Alliance

Erste Ergebnisse der Reiseanalyse 2020

Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann, director NIT, FUR e.V.

Influencers, Instagram and co.: the underestimated challenges for destination

Stephen Dutton, Senior Research Analyst, Euromonitor
Lauren Teague, Digital Native, Strategist, Speaker
Natalie Lefevre, Social Media & Digital Marketing Consultant, Travel Influencer

ITB Market Research: Future of Travel 2040?

Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research, Euromonitor

The Future of the Tourism Industry: Digital disruption, climate change and Thomas Cook & Co

Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research, Euromonitor

Ohren auf! Podcasts im Marketing Mix

Moderator: Daniel Sprügel, Founder Maniac Studios
Teresa Baumgarten, Marketing Manager, ITB Berlin
Jens Behler, Ressortleiter Digitale Kommunikation, Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund
Adrian Klie, Podcaster, Welttournee - der Reisepodcast

*only in German

Influencer events: from creating instagrammable moments to delivering ROI


Irina Graf, Founder, The MICE Blog and Event Planners Talk, International Relations Officers, VDVO 

Han Talbot, Project Manager, Traverse

Voice Commerce: Selling Travel And Hotel Rooms Via Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant

Steffen Hohl, Managing Director, Yeahmazing
Dr. Aljoscha Burchardt, Deputy Site Director, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Blogging & Open Data im Tourismus

Catharina Fischer, Netzwerkpartnerin / Beraterin, Tourismuszukunft
Christoph Hampe, Digital Marketing Manager, Thüringen Tourismus

*only in German

Das Zeitalter der Künstlichen intelligenz: Chancen und Herausforderungen für den Tourismus

Florian Bauhuber, Tourismuszukunft.

*only in German

Product Launch: Unveiling Fair Trade Travel

Speaker: Maksim Izmaylov, Winding Tree

Powered by Hospitality Industry Club


Daniel Zelling, Hospitality Industry Club, opensmjle &, Zsuzsanna Albrecht, ZA Hospitality Consulting

Osvaldo Mauro, Profiter
Neville Isaac, BEONPRICE
Siim Karu, A&O Hostels
Jason Pinto, PACE
Simone Puorto, Travel Singularity


Moderator: Daniel Zelling, Hospitality Industry Club, opensmjle &

Lea Jordan,
Suzann Heinemann, GreenSign
Moritz Hintze, bookitgreen
Uta Janbeck, Janbecks FAIRhaus
Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, Suitepad

*only in German


Daniel Zelling, Hospitality Industry Club, opensmjle &,

Daniel Zelling, Hospitality Industry Club, opensmjle &
Thomas Danielczak, SHIJII GROUP
Felizitas Denz, EAST HAMBURG
Ben Jost, TrustYou
Juanjo Rodriguez, The Hotels Network

*only in German


Daniel Zelling, Hospitality Industry Club, opensmjle &,

Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds
Dr. Michael Toedt, dailypoint
Alexander Schuster, 25hours Hotel Company
David Turnbull,

*only in German

Thank you Hospitality Industry Club

A Behaviour-Smart Look At Technology And Travel

Milena Nikolova, ATTA - Adventure Travel Trade Association

Crisis Management And Resiliency In The Shadow Of COVID-19

Moderated by:
Lee Hayhurst, Executive Editor, Travel Weekly

Robin Ingle, CEO, MSH Americas and Travel Navigator
Carlos Cendra, Chief Marketing Officer, Mabrian Technologies

Luxury And Sustainability: Contradiction Or Prerequisite?

Marc Aeberhard, Owner, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management Ltd.

Interview Guest:
Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management, IUBH International University

Voice Commerce: Selling Travel And Hotel Rooms Via Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant

Steffen Hohl, Managing Director, Yeahmazing
Tim Kahle, CEO & Co-Founder, 169 Labs

IPK`s World Travel Monitor: Prognose der globalen und europäischen Tourismusentwicklung – in Kooperation mit IPK International

Rolf Freitag, CEO IPK International

Tiktok – A New Craze In The Tourism Tool Box

Ulrike Katz, justZARGEScommunicate!

Hot Seat Sessions

Der Heiße Stuhl: Tourismus zwischen Fridays for Future und Flugscham

Eike Otto, Consultant for Tourism and Regional Development,,

Clara Mayer, Fridays for Future

*only in German

Der Heiße Stuhl: Tourismus zwischen Fridays for Future und Flugscham

Eike Otto, Consultant for Tourism and Regional Development,,

Lucienne Damm, Senior Environmental Manager, TUI Cruises

*only in German

The Hot Seat: Tourism Between Fridays for Future And Flight Shaming

Eike Otto, Consultant for Tourism and Regional Development,,

Julia Massey, Vice President Global Sustainability, Kempinski