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March 03, 2023

ITB Innovation Radar gives voice to the industry’s trailblazers at the world’s leading travel trade show

ITB Innovation Radar premieres in 2023 as a platform for showcasing exhibitors’ innovations – 11 innovative solutions presented, from start-ups to industry majors, such as FREE NOW and Dorint – Participants receive additional promotional benefits in cooperation with ITB Berlin

ITB Innovation Radar is one of the many novelties introduced at ITB Berlin 2023, the world’s leading travel trade show making its comeback as an on-site event on 7-9 March 2023. It scouts for innovations capable of producing a sustainable impact on the future of the travel industry by fostering social, economic, or technical change. In the months leading up to ITB Berlin 2023, we invited the exhibitors to submit their innovative solutions for review by the ITB Innovation Radar team free of charge.

As a result, the innovators’ catalog of ITB Innovation Radar features 11 entries showcasing software solutions, innovative products, and disruptive concepts. All kinds of exhibitors have an equal representation – from vibrant start-up companies to established industry majors. You can browse all the entries here, including the information on locating the innovators' stands if you want to learn more in person during the show.

Here are the 2023 innovators:

Lato lets travel professionals streamline creating and sharing travel products and proposals. It allows users to collaborate and implement shared assets, producing attractive web-based digital travel apps. The cutting-edge translation and exporting technologies round up the profile.

TRZMO gives travelers freedom when it comes to seamless global roaming. It capitalizes on eSIM functionality, letting users go online within seconds. TRZMO also has a built-in travel journal feature, which lets travelers capture and revisit their favorite moments.

RightFlight Robotics developed by RightRez is a flight booking engine that facilitates air sales while securing lower fares and cutting costs. It requires no GDS training for operation, and its built-in quality control rules make sure the optimal flights are booked as soon as the segments become available.

Mobility Budget by FREE NOW for Business is an employee benefit designed for companies that want to give their staff flexibility beyond the workplace. Employers can set up a travel allowance for private trips, commuting to work, or other mobility-related expenses.

VR Payment Experience developed by Worldline provides a simultaneous multi-factor authentication method for payment in virtual reality. VR headset users don’t have to take their devices off to conduct a purchase anymore, which creates a seamless augmented reality commerce experience.

GreenSquareConcept is an ambitious sustainability promise concept by the Dorint Hotel Group. It touches on each aspect of the hotelier business, from guest experience to resource allocation and employee work-life balance. GreenSquareConcept sets a clear development framework, offering the hotel group guidelines for sustainable growth.

Holipay is a payment method for holiday booking. It breaks down large payments into smaller transactions, reducing the end customers’ credit limit overextension. This approach leads to an increase in guaranteed bookings and lower cancellation rates.

GauVendi is an AI-driven hotel sales system that decouples physical rooms from products offered to customers. It provides unmatched flexibility and hyper-personalization for tailoring offers across specific segments and channels. Inventory management becomes more dynamic and automated.

GPM by Tamara Leisure Experiences is a comprehensive project management tool for the hotel branch. It integrates various data tools and solutions, offering teams across the whole function spectrum the space to collaborate and track their progress, centralizing task management and feedback.

TripOptimizer by Nezasa lets travel agents, airlines, and online platforms optimize flight booking when it comes to complicated multi-segment and roundtrip routes. It relies on artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to create optimal flight itineraries within seconds. is an existing energy management solution by Betterspace. The developer responds to emergent market trends by integrating cutting-edge LoRaWAN technology and extended hardware options into its flagship solution. This offers numerous advantages to the hotel branch.

The ITB Innovation Radar team will conduct on-site interviews with the innovators during ITB Berlin 2023 on 7-9 March 2023. This will let us tap into the exhibitors’ visions for the future of the travel industry. We will share our impressions via ITB Berlin’s official social media channels.

Online accreditation for ITB Berlin 2023

Media members and bloggers can register for ITB Berlin, subject to observance of the accreditation guidelines. After your application has been processed and approved you will receive an email with a PDF containing your ITB press accreditation, which you can print out.

Accreditation for ITB Berlin 2023

Please note: during ITB Berlin it will not be possible for press representatives to obtain accreditation at the press counters on the grounds. We therefore request you obtain accreditation online ahead of the event.

About ITB Berlin and the ITB Berlin Convention

ITB Berlin 2023 will take place as a pure B2B event under the slogan ‘Open for Change’ from Tuesday, 7 March, to Thursday, 9 March. Since 1966, ITB Berlin has been the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. The internationally renowned ITB Berlin Convention will take place parallel to the show and will be held live on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds – selected sessions will be streamed on ITBxplore.. Additional information is available at and from the ITB Newsroom & Social Media.

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