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ITB is more than just trade shows around the globe. ITB is THE platform to get regular news from the travel industry, behind-the scenes and expert opinion with interviews, articles and podcasts on the topics that matter.

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Daily insights & news covering all angles of the tourism industry with behind-the-scenes, new developments, freshly released campaigns, expert interviews and much more. Stay tuned!
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Travel Hero Podcast
Expert knowledge on the go: One-on-one talks with inspiring minds of the tourism industry, big achievers and thrilling personalities share their expertise, stories and opinions in the ITB Travel Hero Podcast episodes.
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Travel & Tourism Radar

NEW: Travel & Tourism Radar
Every 3 months, together with Ostfalia University, we invite you to participate in surveys to capture global travel trends, developments, and challenges. The results will be presented in articles and podcasts on and at the ITB Berlin Convention. The next survey will be available soon.

The video library is filled with valuable content from ITB Berlin Convention sessions, keynotes, vodcasts and a comprehensive review of ITB Berlin. Look forward to interesting previews.
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As an industry expert, you are constantly looking for current trends, innovative solutions, and exclusive insights into the travel industry. With the ITB 360° Newsletter, we offer you exactly that!

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These themed highlights await you in the coming months:

April 2024: Review of ITB Berlin 2024 - A look at Destinations Management & Travel Technology.

May 2024: ITB China - What's hot? Find out all about the hottest trends on the Chinese market. Plus: the start of the high season for the 2024 travel year with an expert discussion about the summer outlook.

June 2024: The start of the high season for the 2024 travel year with an expert discussion about the summer outlook.

July 2024: LGBTQ+ and NetZero: Explore the booming LGBTQ+ market scene and learn how we are adapting to a more sustainable future.

August 2024: Artificial intelligence - state of the art: Find out how AI is developing in the travel industry and how we can counter the shortage of skilled workers.

September 2024: ITB India & Asia - The highlights: A look at the emerging trends and markets in India and Asia.

October 2024:: Market research and trends: immerse yourself in the latest data and find out what the future holds for the travel industry.

November 2024: The future of the industry: Discuss the latest technologies and trends that will shape the travel industry.

December 2024: A first look at the ITB Berlin Convention program 2025: Find out who is setting the trends and shaping the future of the industry.

January 2025: New Year's resolutions: Get ready for 2025 and beyond with an outlook on upcoming developments.

February 2025: The ITB Berlin warm-up: Get a foretaste of ITB Berlin 2025 and discover the latest highlights.

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