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Be at the right place at the right time

Entry and Access

When do you have to arrive, where precisely should you arrive – and what do you need to know when you get there? Here is where you can find all the important times, locations and service & ticket information about access to the Exhibition Grounds.

Traffic information for exhibitors and suppliers

Every minute counts when setting up your trade fair stand. So we are now offering you a new digital service to ensure that all materials, exhibits etc. are ready and available when you need them. VisiFair, our new space management system, allows you to designate and pre-book loading zones for a specific time, ensuring fast, efficient and reliable delivery and collection at the desired location.

Messe Berlin’s new VisiFair system ensures stress-free and on-schedule planning. The distribution and allocation of time slots for the various loading zones reduces congestion at the entrance gates considerably, thus saving precious time when assembling and dismantling stands.

➤ Exhibitors and suppliers can only enter the trade fair grounds for assembly and disassembly work after registering with the system and pre-booking a loading zone.

Loading zones can be booked via the following link:

The first step on this portal is to “Sign up” with the system. You can then to “Log in”. To book a loading zone, you must first register for the respective event in the “Upcoming events” menu. To do this, you need the “Event code”.

The VisiFair booking portal will be by 17.01.2023

Event code: KumbN

After registering for the respective event, you can book a time slot for the loading zone in the “Registered events” menu.

To ensure smooth traffic flows during assembly and dismantling, it is essential that you observe the entry regulations set out in the Traffic Guide.

Loading zones

  • Vehicle access during assembly and disassembly procedures are only permitted if a loading zone has been booked in advance (access during the actual trade fair is subject to a cash deposit)
  • A fixed service fee of € 15.00 is charged per hour

Further notes:

Questions on loading zone bookings:
T.: +49 30 3038 4334

General traffic service hotline:
T.: +49 30 3038 4888

Forwarding services

Exhibitors, suppliers and stand construction companies wishing to use Messe Berlin’s forwarding services (e. g. fork-lifts for loading and unloading items) can book these individually with our service provider Schenker Deutschland AG.

To do so, click on the following link:

This booking service is not available to exhibitors/participants organizing their own loading and unloading services.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service provider directly:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Service Building South / Gate 25 entrance
Jafféstrasse 2
D-14055 Berlin, Germany

Forwarding services
Schenker Deutschland AG
Tel: +49 30 - 301 2995 420

Further information

For vehicles <=6m: Unless you can provide all relevant information when booking, you will receive a reservation slip. If you complete this before you enter the exhibition grounds, you will receive an entry ticket which will allow you to enter directly within your booked time slot.

The entry ticket must be left in full view in your vehicle during your stay at the exhibition center.

If you do not complete the missing information in advance, you will not be able to drive directly to the exhibition center, but will have to drive to the specified LogPoint. The time slot will be forfeited if the vehicle does not reach the LogPoint or gate in time or the vehicle class is incorrectly specified.

For vehicles >6m: You will receive a reservation slip when you make your booking. Please report to the specified LogPoint in time. The time slot will be forfeited if the vehicle does not reach the LogPoint on time or the vehicle class is incorrectly indicated. At the LogPoint, drivers will be handed the entry ticket, which entitles them to enter the exhibition grounds, stating their license plate number. Please inform yourself in good time about the route to the LogPoint, this is also shown on the reservation slip.

The entry ticket must be kept in full view in the vehicle during your stay at the exhibition center.