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ITB Innovation Radar

GPM – For Better Project Management

  • Exhibitor: Tamara Leisure Experiences
  • Stand Number: Hall 5.2 | 227

GPM is a user-friendly project management tool for hoteliers created by Tamara Leisure Experiences and Innovations Investment Management. It is used for collaborative work by the corporate office, hotels, consultants, and vendors.

Leaders and staff take complete accountability for their work by bringing all tasks to one place. This allows for complete visibility of the work at an individual, team, or organisational level. Each project established within the platform functions as a self-contained hub for its respective tasks. The project creator can invite their team, clients, and freelancers to collaborate on the project,

GPM utilizes a color-coded system that assists in prioritizing tasks and swiftly addressing the most pressing concerns. Team members can use the GPM app to collect customer feedback on-the-go, which is then integrated into the CRM to continually enhance services.

The solution provides the option to integrate with a variety of data tools, including Zapier, WINHMS hotel PMS, among others, using an Open API. GPM enables real-time collaboration, allowing team members to initiate discussions, add comments and files, mention specific individuals, and perform other tasks. The platform offers all employees comprehensive visibility into all aspects of their projects, including tasks, team members, groups, files, payments, and time tracking.

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