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ITB Innovation Radar

RightFlight Robotics – automating flight booking

  • Exhibitor: RightRez
  • Stand Number: Hall 5.1 | 120

RightRez has developed a robotic flight booking engine on leading-edge architecture called RightFlight Robotics. Moving from a traditional server/on-premise environment to a Cloud Hosted, Service Oriented Architecture utilizing Azure Durable Functions with a detailed REST API sitting on top of it, is a notable change. The impact goes beyond the software development perspective, also touching on software management, deployment, and support aspects. It lets certain operations happen automatically – which previously would have to be created and built in manually.

Global clients are returning to travel with reduced staff while facing an outstanding 2023. The focus is to provide products that allow customers to do more with less while still delivering the same fantastic service they always have.

RightFlight Robotics is especially valuable in the post-pandemic environment when many travelers book travel that’s more than 12 months in the future; RightFlight takes care of these bookings with a set of quality-control rules that ensures optimal itineraries are booked as soon as the flights are made available in the GDS. This is especially important in the reduced-staff business environment and the increase in booking volume.

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