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ITB Innovation Radar

TripOptimizer – airline booking reimagined

  • Exhibitor: Nezasa AG
  • Stand Number: Hall 5.1 | 102

TripOptimizer is a roundtrip and multi-stop flight routes optimizer, a one-of-a-kind platform designed to empower Travel Agents, Airlines, and OTAs. It can verify complex multi-city flights in real-time and optimize them according to customers’ priorities: time, costs, destinations, and CO2 emissions. Integration with world-famous GDSs such as Amadeus and Sabre enables the search and display of public and private airline fares.

TripOptimizer works based on optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence, helping travel agencies and tour operators create the best-optimized flight itineraries in seconds. It replaces the time-consuming manual process with automated technology that will facilitate the work of travel agents, helping them to sell more and better. Through virtual interlining, TripOptimizer can find the best deals, connecting multiple airlines and cutting itinerary costs without manual tweaking.

With TripOptimizer, users can find the best cost-effective flight routes and keep their fees intact, ensuring a better margin and better deals. Fees can be applied through percentages, fixed levels, or by adding costs to the final itinerary price. TripOptimizer claims it provides 92% faster search and planning, average 37% savings on fares, 18% more efficient route creation, as well as minimal training time required.

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