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Photo: Unsplash/ Luca Bravo
Photo: Unsplash/ Luca Bravo

New concept for the world's leading tourism trade show

ITB Berlin becomes a B2B-only event, and Berlin Travel Festival is featured at BOOT & FUN for the first time

November 18, 2022

ITB Berlin goes into 2023 with a new concept - an event aimed exclusively at trade visitors. Berlin Travel Festival will welcome the consumer public, premiering at Messe Berlin at the end of November as a part of BOOT & FUN. Meanwhile, ITB Berlin will be held from Tuesday to Thursday for the first time (March 7-9, 2023) - and thus one day earlier than usual.

These major changes will surely spark the need for additional information with visitors and exhibitors alike – why is ITB Berlin turning into a B2B-only event? What can guests expect at this year’s Berlin Travel Festival? Does ITB Berlin hold any more novelties in store? Answers to these and many further questions are delivered by two experts, who know it all: David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin, and Bernd Neff, founder of Berlin Travel Festival, give a sneak peek at the future of the world’s leading tourism fair, as well as Berlin Travel Festival in the latest issue of our podcast.

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