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USA targets 20 per cent more tourists from Germany in 2023

Getting to America has never been easier

USA targets 20 per cent more tourists from Germany in 2023

March 08, 2023

With 70 nonstop flights per week from Germany it “has never been easier” to get to the USA. These were the words used by Dr. Amy Gutmann, ambassador of the United States of America, to appeal to travellers on Wednesday at ITB Berlin. Compared with the previous year, this year their numbers are expected to increase by 20 per cent. In 2022 there were 1.5 million German visitors to the USA. The target for 2024: to attain the pre-coronavirus level of some two million. With 29 exhibitors from Fairbanks to Key West the USA display at ITB Berlin 2023 presents the country as an innovative tourism nation, using a slogan slightly adapted from that of the Terminator: “We are back!“

On the occasion of the Berlin World Women’s Day, Gutmann pointed out that global tourism has “brought increasing numbers of women into business management and to the conference table”. “Where women are working, there is more inclusion”, she said. She herself lived through the pandemic with the aid of a home trainer, but both she and her bodyguards are pleased to be able to ride through the Grunewald forest on a real bicycle.

Germany has a key role to play on the road back to tourism normality, Gutmann continued. The USA is endeavouring to turn the focus onto the country as a whole and not just the well known hotspots, in an effort to create diverse, inclusive and attainable possibilities for everyone. “We want America to remain an irresistible destination.”

This is something that the state of Michigan is keen to demonstrate. “We have arisen again from the ashes”, was the response by David Lorenz, Vice President of Travel Michigan, to the question of why it is worthwhile for tourists to visit the former automobile city Detroit. “Detroit is the most innovative metropolis in the USA”, he stated, and drew attention to the city’s skyline as proof. “Many old skyscrapers have been renovated because, during the recession and with the decline of the traditional automobile industry, it was too expensive to demolish them and build anew.” As a result Detroit has become a unique centre for mosaics from the early 20th century, and for other forms of architecture, especially Art Deco.

In the world of music the legendary Motown sound is celebrated in and around Detroit, where the population has a greater diversity than almost anywhere in the USA, having come there from many different countries to work in the large automobile factories. “Now they are all contributing to a new culture. In this respect Detroit has much in common with Berlin“, said Lorenz.