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ITB Innovation Radar

Autonomous Payments - AI personal shopper use-case

Exhibitor: Worldline

Stand Number: Hall 10.1 | Stand 123

Worldline has been participating to the development of a new concept, implementing a conversational commerce with an AI personal shopper use-case. It allows the end-user to engage in a conversation with an AI-based chatbot to discuss their preferences, cravings, and interests, such as desire to travel or options during vacations, with who and when. The AI system evaluates this conversation, alongside hospitality services data and the user's personal preferences and habits, to autonomously initiate shopping and payment decisions.

To ensure the security, the validity and the acceptability of these AI-initiated Autonomous Payments, the implementation of an Autonomous Transaction Risk Analysis module (ATRA) is mandatory. ATRA, which is rooted in advanced AI technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI prompt engineering, analyses conversations and the relevance of shopping choices to infer a risk score. In addition of existing fraud detection solution, this score comes with text explainable validation or refusal for the end-user. With the ATRA risk score, Worldline can confidently accept or reject AI-initiated autonomous payments.

This innovative approach provides multiple benefits for both the end-user and the merchant. For the end-user, it offers a seamless, stress-free, and timely ordering experience. For the merchant, it fosters an improved customer journey for purchasing and payments, encourages recurring sales, and provides invaluable insights into the end-user's preferences.