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ITB Innovation Radar

InventiFlow - Redefining room allocation

Exhibitor: GauVendi

Stand Number: Hall 8 | HSMA

With the introduction of Inventi-Flow, GauVendi revolutionizes room allocation through AI-driven features.

With this additional solution from GauVendi, hotel operators ensure that every guest receives the right room while optimizing inventory to maximize revenue or occupancy. Another advantage of Inventi-Flow is that it also takes into account operational constraints such as housekeeping. What was previously a highly manual task can now be intelligently automated with less time and effort, relieving staff and addressing labor shortages.

Currently, most reservation departments still allocate each reservation manually. This process is not only time-consuming but also requires a deep understanding of hotel inventory. This challenge is significant for every operator, considering the shortage of skilled staff members in the hotel industry and high turnover rates.

Existing automated allocation systems usually do not consider specific guest preferences. Instead, their logic relies solely on room categories and basic, unchangeable rules. Furthermore, gaps are not efficiently accommodated, ultimately requiring manual adjustments to the already allocated reservations to optimize the room plan.

This is where Inventi-Flow comes in, ushering in a new era with intelligent algorithms that replace employees' intuition in optimizing room allocations with clear strategies. Inventi-Flow uses advanced optimization techniques to reevaluate reservations and determine the best room allocation, taking into account various constraints and revenue enhancement possibilities.

The system allows hotel staff to adjust allocation settings, such as maximizing occupancy, maximizing revenue, or room cleaning efficiency for different periods. This enables them to make informed decisions that align with the hotel's specific business objectives.