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ITB Innovation Radar

Tomorrow's Air - championing the carbon removal

Exhibitor: Adventure Travel Trade Association

Stand Number: Hall 4.1 | Stand 220

Tomorrow's Air is having a profound impact on the travel industry through its championing of technological innovations to help restore balance to our climate. Tomorrow's Air is the first to take up the challenge of educating travelers and travel businesses about the viability and importance of supporting the scale-up of carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel, and also make it easy for them to directly contribute to these innovations.

A key difference in the Tomorrow's Air approach is that it is aggregating the distributed power of global travel to help tackle the problem of excess CO2 in our atmosphere through incremental contributions. This contrasts with traditional carbon offsetting providers whose services revolve around compensating for measured emissions with low cost projects that fund carbon dioxide avoidance projects or solutions that only store captured carbon dioxide for a short period of time. For many years, travel companies, locked into the compensation model, have not been able to invest in climate-saving, carbon removal solutions that can store carbon dioxide permanently, or directly reduce emissions (as in the case of sustainable aviation fuel) due to their high cost. Now, through low-cost contributions decoupled from emissions measurement, travel businesses can easily participate in this necessary solution for restoring our climate.

The impact on the travel industry will be 1) travel business leaders and travelers themselves understanding the necessity of carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel alongside emissions reduction and nature conservation and 2) travel representing a significant demand generator for these needed innovations.