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4 trends point to positive outlook for major European markets

Consumers in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain consistently rank travel as their highest-priority discretionary spending area, across a range of possible categories for spending their

discretionary income. However, there are key differences in travel behavior across these markets.

According to Phocuswright’s travel research report Europe Consumer Travel 2023: Major Markets Compared, the outlook for travel in the next 12 months is generally positive for all major markets.

Here are 4 trends that the research has uncovered:

  • Nearly all travelers in all countries expect to take at least one trip in the next 12 months
  • German travelers are the most likely to travel internationally, while those in Italy and Spain are most likely to stay domestic
  • French travelers have a lower intention of booking both hotel and air, possibly due to their higher cost-sensitivity, while Germans were least cost-sensitive
  • French travelers showed higher intention to book short-term rentals
Image about the travel behavior in Europe

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