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Would you like to taste the most diverse and exotic cuisine?

Well, try Georgian.

September 20, 2022

Situated between East and West, Georgia brings a perfect marriage of both cultures. Offering diverse, breathtaking experiences, the country has been attracting more and more travelers lately.

While visiting Georgia, attend traditional Supra. "Supra" literally means "tablecloth" in Georgian, which is an important, symbolic part of public meals. When there are no tables, the supra is laid on the ground.

Georgian cuisine is delicious, but traditional Supra is much more than a feast. It's an essential part of the country's social culture.

Regardless of size and type, a supra is always led by a "tamada", or toastmaster.

Being Tamada is a huge responsibility and honor, and it is elected by the host. A successful tamada must be enlightened and possess excellent rhetorical and communication skills; moreover, "Tamada" should be able to consume a large amount of alcohol without showing signs of getting drunk.

While listening to Tamada, guests are served various traditional dishes on Supra. Georgian cuisine suggests a wide assortment of dishes, perfectly suitable for each type of feast. Local food is balanced, healthy, and diverse, flawlessly bringing together spices, nuts, meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Georgia has successively preserved its unique wine-making traditions for over 8,000 years. The ancient Qvevri wine-making method, which incorporates fermentation and storage of wine in clay vessels, is part of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage.

At the traditional feast, no wonder guests are served the hosts' most precious wines in Georgia.

Almost every family has its own house wine, ready for the guests.

The traditional "Supra" can't be imagined without the spectacular sound and vision of the world-renowned polyphonic singing and traditional dancing. Traditional folklore includes more than four different voices and is on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list.

In 1977, the Georgian song "Chakrulo" was sent into space as a part of NASA's message to the universe.

The Georgian language is not easy; you may not understand the lyrics, but here's when you'll feel the magic. While listening to these songs, you'll definitely feel the exact vibe of the singers and all they want to say with exotic melodies in Georgian.

The warmest emotions and most adventurous moments are awaiting in Georgia.