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Green IT - Photo by unsplashed Chris Ried

Green IT: Software and hardware can make a decisive difference

In the latest ITB Podcast episode Rika Jean-Francois talks to Virginia Corraze from Amadeus about the growing importance of “green IT“

September 26, 2022

When there is talk in the travel industry of reducing carbon footprints, attention turns usually to aviation or the emissions caused by cruises. The tech industry, however, also contributes substantially to global emissions. In the latest podcast episode Rika Jean-Francois, CSR commissioner for ITB Berlin, talks to Virginia Corraze from Amadeus, a leading travel tech company that combines all the relevant actors in one system.

In the interview, Virginia Corraze talks about the factors that most impact carbon footprints and the measures her company has already taken to minimise them. In addition, she offers an insight into how Amadeus pushes this topic with partners and customers, and the role that the right IT language and coding plays for achieving the industry’s ambitious targets.

In addition, she looks at various types of certification in order to make the case against greenwashing, another factor that poses a certain risk in this area of the tourism industry. Not least, she offers advice on how we can individually support “green IT“, either by regularly deleting large files or prolonging the usage of our end devices. To listen to the full interview please click here.