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Google Tools provide planning basics and access to customer groups

How can companies target customers better with their advertising?

Google Tools provide planning basics and access to customer groups

March 08, 2023

How can a company find out more about its customer groups and reach travellers online, what expectations do these groups have – and how can a company target customers better with its advertising? Answering these questions on Wednesday in a keynote speech opening the Marketing and Distribution track at the ITB Berlin Convention, Michael Trauttmansdorff, director of Product Management, Travel Ads at Google, offered some valuable insights.

38 per cent of all holidaymakers who regularly travel abroad want to book a once in a lifetime travel experience, said Trauttmansdorff. Travel has a high priority and the amount of time spent on planning and preparing is growing, Trautmansdorff continued. Coupled with that was the fact that young people in particular showed less brand loyalty and were more willing to try out new brands.

Videos and quality images are becoming more and important for approaching and winning over travellers. Travellers, especialy Gen Z, look online for inspiring content and get their fascination there. “90 per cent of travellers get information from YouTube, which is why it is important to have a YouTube strategy“, said Trauttmansdorff.

Google Tools can help destinations in a whole range of ways to approach potential travellers with as little waste coverage as possible. Thus, Performance Maps for Travel Tools can be used to create marketing campaigns for hotel chains, which are broadcast via seven different Google channels. By visiting the website at, destinations, hotels and tour planners can obtain valuable insights into customer demand trends and tailor their campaigns accordingly. This tool can be used to make decisions based on solid data and target the right customer groups with the right message.

AI-based Google Tools can also help make a trip as sustainable as possible. Thus a Google flight search will display the approximate CO2 emissions for the flight in question.