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Check out your destination in the Metaverse

March 9, 2022

How the company behind Facebook is building a virtual universe

Building the virtual metaverse may still take a few years, but Jan Starcke, Travel Industry lead of Meta, the company behind Facebook, was inviting everyone from startups to global players to contribute. As an example of how it could benefit the travel industry, he said that customers could collect information on their destination in a 3D-animated / digitalised space before booking their trip. It would also be a giant leap forward for providers.

The difference between the current options for preparing a trip on a computer or tablet and the possibilities the Metaverse will offer were similar to the difference between an iPhone 1 and the latest iPhone 13, Starcke said. “The Metaverse can significantly expand one’s travel experience before, during and after the trip. In the future, digital experiences will become even more realistic than now and users will be able to enter a three-dimensional world as a private user, employee or entrepreneur.

It would no longer be necessary to use all kinds of apps to satisfy one’s personal needs or meet friends and acquaintances, because they will all be integrated in the Metaverse, he said. Bookings and payments could also be made there. Beyond inviting viewers to contribute, Starcke called on future stakeholders not to be afraid of the metaverse, but to recognise its potential. “Be inspired“ was his encouragement to the industry. There was still lots of time to participate and try to understand this new world.