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Honouring women: Seventh presentation of the Celebrating Her Awards

Rika Jean-Francois holds the prize in her hands.

Rika Jean-Francois received an award for her many years of commitment

Ajay Prakash, president of IIPT India, was sure that tourism was the most important industry promoting international understanding and that every traveller was an ambassador for peace. “Transcending borders is our business“, Prakash said. “Anyone lucky enough to travel also bears a responsibility.“ And the award, presented by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism since 2016 (with a two-year break during the pandemic) goes to women who take on this responsibility in special measure.

In her keynote speech Julia Simpson, president and CEO of the WTTC, said that a deep bond existed between tourism and peace. “Looking around the world and at all the conflicts driven by bloodthirsty men, it is all the more important that more women in positions of power have their say. The world would be a more peaceful place.“ Rika Jean-Francois, CSR officer for ITB Berlin, added: “Women play such an important role in tourism, and recognising and empowering women is crucial for promoting peace and sustainability.“ Both women received surprise awards for their long years of dedication in this field.

The winners of the Celebrating Her Awards 2024 are:

Suma Venkatesh, Executive VP of Real Estate & Development and Asset Management, Indian Hotels Co. Ltd, for Inclusion and Diversity

Marija Labovic, CEO & MD, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia, for Tourism Policy

Adrianna Kruger, founder of the Tzaneen Country Lodge, Limpopo, South Africa, for Sustainable Tourism