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ITB Innovation Radar

Lato - Create, Sell, and Experience Travel in One Tool

Exhibitor: Lato

Stand Number: Hall 6.1 | 138

Lato is a tool for travel professionals to create and sell travel proposals. The end result is an attractive web-based digital travel app that enhances the travel experience. The Lato tool still provides the possibility to generate PDFs even though it is recommended to only use the travel app for an even better digital travel experience.

Due to closely working together with multiple travel professionals Lato came up with an innovative feature where travel professionals from different companies can work together, reusing elements from their libraries. To further improve the collaboration between multiple travel professionals Lato recently launched the Deepl-translate feature allowing users to translate complete trips in a matter of seconds.

Lato keeps up with the newest technologies and has acquired a lot of new features throughout the last couple of months. Lato jumped on the ChatGPT train to automatically generate data directly within the platform. Furthermore, Lato is currently working on a PDF-reading feature allowing travel professionals to convert a PDF document into a digital travel app. The app's AI-adventure doesn’t end here, Lato is already working with AI to automate the process of creating and selling travel proposals as much as possible and will continue to do so in the future.

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