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How Condor generates bookings with personalized and interactive videos

Creating emotions with personalised sales videos

How Condor is generating extra bookings with personalised and interactive videos

March 9, 2022

80 per cent of global data traffic stems from data videos. Hardly any other medium is as well suited to triggering an emotional reaction as a video clip. The Condor airline is using personalised sales videos to significantly increase the response to its customer emails. Jens Boyd from Condor and Sebastian Beck from ISO Travel Solutions GmbH were able to explain how this works.

Airlines operate with slim margins. Selling extra services helps to boost returns and gives customers the option of a more personalised flight experience. For a long time Condor only offered these extra services via email, but they were often not even opened – or customers simply did not react. Since the company included videos click rates have risen significantly. Around one-third of air passengers are now actually booking extra services, according to Jens Boyd.

Each video is made to personally address the customer. Wide-ranging information – including previous service bookings and the departure date – form part of the video. Solo travellers are also targeted differently to families. What is more, the personalised video contains only services that are actually available. In order to make booking easier for customers they can access the booking system directly by clicking the video. That way the video is not only personalised but interactive as well.

This is made technically possible with the Travel:up video tool developed by ISO Travel Solutions GmbH ( Sebastian Beck, the company’s sales manager, is convinced that this type of personalised and interactive marketing makes sense not just for airlines, but for numerous other tourism providers – such as tour operators, bus companies, car rental firms, cruise operators, hotels and leisure parks. Using this tool, hotels could offer room upgrades, a restaurant meal or a spa treatment. With airlines, the focus is also on sports equipment and extra luggage, à la carte menus and extra leg room.