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Look at the importance of offline sales marks ‘Travel Agency Day’

In the latest ITB Podcast episode Sabine Bierlein, senior product manager at ITB Berlin, talks to Thomas Bösl, managing director of the travel agency cooperative RTK and of QTA (Quality Travel Alliance), Europe’s largest travel agency alliance

June 21, 2022

Travel agencies faced huge challenges even before the Covid crisis, with the growth of digitalisation placing ever-greater demands on the market’s established players. The last two years did not make life any easier for travel agencies, and the Covid pandemic pushed many agencies to the brink. Extreme staff shortages made a bad situation worse, as many employees took on new jobs and replacements were very difficult to find, and not just in this sector. On top of that a war began, causing more uncertainty among travellers. However, with the world seemingly stumbling from one crisis to another, could this also be an opportunity for travel agencies?

Thomas Bösl’s organisation has declared 17 June to be ’Travel Agency Day’, under the slogan ´The home of vacationing’. As part of the campaign, agencies will show their expertise in organising an ideal vacation. For those interested, the latest ITB Podcast episode has more on these activities and an update on developments in this sector here.