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Wide-ranging natural beauty, amazing biodiversity and a sparsely populated country

March 8, 2022

Paraguay presents itself to visitors as an insider’s tip

In the age of the pandemic many travellers are suspicious of large gatherings. In Paraguay, which borders on Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, mass tourism is unknown. What is more, in Chaco in the country’s west lies one of the most sparsely populated areas of the planet. Instead of an official representative, Oscar Rodriguez, a tour guide, birdwatcher and tour operator, presented the country’s highlights.

He talked about hummingbirds which the locals regard as sacred. Paraguay is a kind of Noah’s Ark, where one can find many animals endemic to individual eco-systems rather than Paraguay itself. The country has a total of seven eco-systems divided into 17 different sub-regions and two climate zones, with an amazing diversity and wide-ranging flora and fauna on a comparably small area.

The Rio Paraguay is the country’s main artery. To its west lies Chaco, an almost deserted region. On the other side is Oriente, the eastern part of the country. “Each region is unique and boasts huge biodiversity, with very special flora and fauna and lots of unusual geological features“, said Rodriguez. He took the opportunity to list a few of the innumerable reasons “why you should come and explore this hidden region.“

Paraguay is landlocked and in the heart of South America. In the Chaco region of the country’s west are some of South America’s geologically most recent earth formations, while to the east are some of the sub-continent’s oldest. In addition to numerous bird species, Paraguay has lots of amphibians and reptiles as well as mammals, including several primates, including howler monkeys, and fascinating big cats. “If you have ever encountered a cougar in its natural habitat that is an experience you never forget“, said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has a number of standard products on offer – however his core product is individual tours tailored to travellers’ needs. An extensive photo gallery which the tour operator has put together shows how diverse the country’s flora and fauna is. This can be accessed at “The photos were all taken on our tours – 90 per cent of them in Paraguay, the others in neighbouring countries“, said Oscar Rodriguez. Additional information on this travel destination and the birdwatching and nature tours this specialist is marketing can be found at