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ITB Innovation Radar

Sharebox - high performance for car rental

Exhibitor: Sharebox

Stand Number: Hall 18 | Stand 303

Kiosk from Sharebox, a leading automotive technology supplier specializing in rental vehicles and unmanned sites, has been launched with extensive updates. With expertise in 24/7 operations and high-volume airport check-ins, Sharebox has introduced new model variants of the kiosk featuring more individual lockers and streamlined workflow processes for improved efficiency.

During a capacity test at Munich airport, pre-series models of the updated kiosk demonstrated significantly enhanced performance. In a real-world scenario, a single all-self-service kiosk managed up to 1,500 car handovers in a public airport garage without any issues.

The Sharebox high-capacity airport system is modular, starting with 64 lockers and a 15-inch screen. Customers can securely and quickly interact with the kiosk using various methods such as App/SMS, web-link, QR-code, and NFC/RFID readers. The system's capacity can be expanded from 64 lockers up to 20 units in series, allowing for up to 1,280 rental cars to be available in a single large wall-mounted rack.

Sharebox serves over 500 automotive customers across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, with a remarkable growth rate of 100% year over year. Their innovative high-capacity kiosk is set to redefine efficiency and convenience in the rental vehicle industry.