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New branding, new technologies and new audiences

March 8, 2022

Italy’s tourism industry is well-positioned to re-open

An online-based tourism hub which makes use of AI and connects all kinds of different tour operators, a comprehensive marketing campaign, 70 per cent of whose funding flows into online participation, and the combination of Italian lifestyle and sustainability. Those are just some of the main targets which the Italian National Tourist Board ENIT has set itself for the near future and which were presented at a press conference with the Italian tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia and Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of ENIT. Maria Elena Rossi, global marketing chief of ENIT, moderated the event.

Italy is looking forward with optimism to the challenges and opportunities of the near future, said Italy’s tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia. Both domestic tourism and that of neighbouring European countries were initially the key drivers for re-opening tourism after the pandemic, he added. Tourism in Germany had a big role to play. “The German market is extremely important for Italy, being the number one source market. Before Covid there were over 12 million arrivals and 58 million overnights“, Garavaglia said.

Roberta Garibaldi from ENIT explained the strategy in detail. One of the main objectives was to make Italy visible externally as a brand. The idea was to concentrate on four mainstays: city tourism, sport events and outdoor activities, wellness as well as food and wine. However, a “green vision“ and sustainability were becoming increasingly important and would lead to a transformation of tourism products.

Maria Elena Rossi from ENIT pointed to two important industry events due to take place in the coming months. On the one hand the World Wine Forum in Alba, and on the other the Global Youth Tourism Summit co-organised by UNWTO, which will take place in Sorrento from 27 June to 3 July. “Italy is one of the world’s market leaders in tourism. We want to maintain that position by targeting the younger generation and their enthusiasm for sustainable projects“, said Rossi.