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ITB Innovation Radar

Guest Communications Hub - AI-based answers to guests’ questions and queries

Exhibitor: HiJiffy

Stand Number: Hall 8.1 | Stand 124

In the last 12 months, HiJiffy's Guest Communications Hub- powered by its proprietary conversational AI (Aplysia) - has been enriched with powerful features and capabilities, such as sentiment analysis, self-learning AI, as well as the first voice assistant specialised in hospitality, and leveraging GPT-4 in an optimised way to provide accurate, precise and personalised answers to guests’ questions and queries.

Over 200 hotels got access to this feature initially, clearly demonstrating the potential for a positive impact on them as observed in three areas:

1. Improved automation saving even time for hotel staff

The efficiency of the solution proved to be remarkable, successfully addressing over 95% of inquiries with full automation, i.e. without the need for intervention from the hotel staff. The benefit of time-saving for staff was made even stronger as HiJiffy noted a significant 20% decrease in the volume of requests for interaction with staff.

2. Increased user satisfaction with the solution

User satisfaction with the quality of responses provided by AI increased by approximately 56% as measured by the CSAT score.

3. Further improvements in performance and personalisation

Data showed a significant 22% decrease in the average number of messages per user. This can be linked to the improved accuracy in the AI’s understanding of user queries followed by more efficient, concise and personalised responses. In other words, HiJiffy’s solution is able to tailor answers to guest questions so efficiently that the need for follow-up questions is less common.