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ITB Innovation Radar: strong tailwind for tech and sustainability

ITB Innovation Radar was introduced in 2023 as one of the many novelties for the world’s leading travel trade show on-site comeback. It is a platform for showcasing innovations capable of producing a sustainable impact on the future of the travel industry by fostering social, economic, or technical change. In the months leading up to the show, we invited the exhibitors to submit their innovative solutions for review by the ITB Innovation Radar team free of charge.

The 2024 edition of the ITB Innovation Radar Catalog features 16 items – a strong growth compared to 11 entries in 2023. The presented novelties range from B2B services for hospitality and travel professionals to initiatives promoting sustainable travel. All of the entries are submitted by ITB Berlin exhibitors, meaning you can meet the innovators in person on 5-7 March 2024.

Overview Innovation Radar 2025

The comeback trio

The recurrent interest in ITB Innovation Radar is the best testimonial to its impact as a valuable outreach platform. We are happy to greet the three innovators coming back this year with new exciting products and features.

GauVendi, the hotel sales system that decouples physical rooms from products offered to customers, presented Inventi-Flow, the new feature that uses AI to further improve hotel capacity allocation, taking into account further factors, such as housekeeping.

WorldLine, the multinational payment and transactional services provider, is working on AI-initiated Autonomous Payments, implementing conversational commerce with an AI personal shopper use-case. It allows the end user to engage in a conversation with an AI-based chatbot to discuss their preferences.

Sustainable travel – inspiring tourists, empowering communities

Sustainable travel concepts are the big highlight of ITB Innovation Radar 2024. The two entries on this topic address the hottest sustainability topics.

Mastercard reveals its Tico Treasures platform, connecting tourists and artisans, allowing them to sell their crafts online and ship them to any part of Costa Rica and the rest of the world, seamlessly, via the Correos Postal Service.

Smart solutions for hospitality – touching on every aspect of guest experience

This year’s big focus is the smart solutions that streamline various facets and processes of hospitality businesses.

yoummday tackles the staff shortage challenge, offering travel companies a proprietary technology platform for managing remote workforces, complemented by a diverse global talent pool of 15,000+ sales and customer care freelancers.

Hotel Socialby 80 DAYS, also focusing on staff, is a training initiative created exclusively for the hotel, travel, and hospitality industries. It offers a way to train multiple people simultaneously, and effectively address the business objectives of hoteliers and hospitality professionals worldwide.

Better services for travel providers – with AI and blockchain

Tour operators and agencies leverage cutting-edge technologies to create more cost-efficient and personalized travel proposals. These solutions bring it to the next level.

FastSearchby ISO Travel Solutions is a search technology designed to make the search and price calculation of travel offers more efficient and user-friendly. It offers travel providers new search options across large volumes of data and rapid response rates while optimizing the costs and scalability of the deployed IT.

Chain4Travel presents Camino Messenger, which uses the power of blockchain connectivity, providing a secure and transparent platform, where every company is digitally verified. Whether it's regarding sharing availability, rates, or specific travel package details, the Camino Messenger protocol ensures that all necessary information is communicated rapidly in a clear, consistent, and reliable format.

All other innovators can be found in the ITB Innovation Radar 2024 overview.